QC for resting-state and task fMRI in SPM

Xin Di Presenter
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Newark, NJ 
United States
Saturday, Jul 22: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Educational Course - Full Day (8 hours) 
Room: 510 
Several major software programs are commonly used for the processing and statistical analysis of fMRI data. Here, I describe QC procedures for resting-state and task fMRI data processing statistical parametric mapping (SPM). The goal is not only to identify and remove any issues or anomalies in the data, but also to ensure that the processing has been carried out correctly. I will illustrate each step using the data from fMRI Open quality control (QC) Project. I also show that simple steps such as skull stripping can improve coregistration between the functional and anatomical images.