Efficient evaluation of the Open QC task fMRI dataset

Jo Etzel, PhD Presenter
Washington University in St. Louis
Saint Louis, MO 
United States
Saturday, Jul 22: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Educational Course - Full Day (8 hours) 
Room: 510 
This presentation will demonstrate QC for task datasets, with a particular focus on evaluating task presentation and performance. Many things can go wrong during task experiments, from an implementation error causing an unexpected trial randomization to confused participants not responding to the intended features of the stimuli, and identifying such situations as quickly as possible is essential for success. I will present open-source reports, created with R, AFNI, and knitr, which summarize quality-related features of both the task and fMRI aspects of the Open QC Project task dataset. The reports and their underlying tests are designed to let the reader quickly highlight potential issues, are pdf files for easy archiving, and require relatively little experience to use and adapt. Example reports showing various bugs or unusual participant response patterns will be shown, and the audience challenged to describe what happened.