Emma Robinson - A roadmap towards precision cortical imaging

Emma Robinson Presenter
King's College London
London, London 
United Kingdom
Monday, Jul 24: 4:30 PM - 5:15 PM
Keynote Lectures 
Room: 210A-F 
The organisation of the human cerebral cortex varies significantly across humans, in ways that break the assumptions of traditional image analyses, which perform diffeomorphically constrained image registration to a single population-average template based on folding. In this talk, I will describe ways to increase the sensitivity of neuroimaging studies to detect more subtle features of cortical variability at an individual level: from a guide to functionally-aligned cortical surface analysis, to describing new opportunities for precision imaging made possible through use of deep learning. I will show examples of where we have used these tools to map cortical organisation, model phenotypes, and build biomechanical and generative models of neurodevelopment and degeneration.