3. The use of CBRAIN and LORIS neuroinformatics environment

Bryan Caron, Dr. Presenter
McGill University
Montréal, Quebec 
Sunday, Jun 23: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Educational Course - Full Day (8 hours) 
Room: Grand Ballroom 104 
CBRAIN (https://cbrain.ca) is an open source, web-based, collaborative research software platform that addresses major challenges in big data research. CBRAIN allows scientists to launch, monitor and share large-scale big data analyses using advanced scientific tools through an easy to use web-based interface. LORIS (https://loris.ca) is a web-based data and project management software for collecting, storing and processing neuroimaging, clinical, biospecimen and genetic data. It is used to manage databases for large scale, multi-site and multi-modal neuroimaging studies. As the two principal components of the NeuroHub ecosystem of neuroinformatics tools, CBRAIN and LORIS work together to provide researchers with a powerful integrated toolbox of software services for research.

A hands-on interactive demonstration of the use of CBRAIN and LORIS will be given. Course participants will learn how to work with MEG/EEG datasets using CBRAIN and LORIS. Through a series of hands-on exercises, participants will carry out the selection of MEG/EEG datasets using the LORIS Data Query Tool within EEGnet and subsequently process the selected datasets using CBRAIN. Participants will learn how to easily explore and work with the processing results, as well as how to download and share those results with collaborators.