7. CBRAIN extensions for Quantitative EEG Analysis (qEEG): qEEGT and HarMNqEEG. The EEG normative project of the Global Brain Consortium

Jorge Bosch Bayard Presenter
McGill University
Montreal, AL 
Sunday, Jun 23: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Educational Course - Full Day (8 hours) 
Room: Grand Ballroom 104 
In this part of the course, we will teach how to operate with the Quantitative EEG analysis facilities integrated into the CBRAIN-LORIS ecosystem for Open Science. Data can be stored in LORIS-CBRAIN servers in several EEG formats, including the recent BIDS-EEG standard. Descriptive parameters for the qEEG can be calculated for the Log Spectra, and, for the first time, for the full cross-spectral matrices, at the scalp and the sources, both for the Narrow and Broad Bands spectral models. Age-dependent probabilistic Z-scores can be calculated versus the Cuban Normative Database (1990) and the Multinational Normative Database obtained under the EEG Normative Project of the global Brain Consortium, which comprises 1600 subjects from 5 to 90 years old from 9 countries. Procedures for homogenization (harmonization) of data registered with different EEG machines to make them more comparable, are also available through these tools. Users can also benefit from CBRAIN computing resources capabilities.