2. Cortical parcellation maps for the dynamic developing baby brain

Fan Wang Presenter
Xi'an Jiaotong University
Xi'an, China 
Monday, Jun 24: 3:15 PM - 4:30 PM
Room: Grand Ballroom 101-102 
Parcellation maps describe the cerebral cortex as sets of meaningful units, which are fundamental to study the brain structure and function. Infant brain parcellation is especially important for the developing brain, due to the dynamic and drastic developing features during infancy. I will introduce the set of infant-specific parcellation maps that we previously built using the high-resolution longitudinal brain imaging data from the Baby Connectome Project. We studied the parcellation according to the regionalization of cortical thickness and surface area respectively, and then a combined parcellation according to a multi-view scheme. We also built a fine-grained parcellation map using longitudinal scans of the infant brain rs-fMRI. I will also introduce some analyses regarding individual differences and dynamic developing properties that we performed during based on these parcellations. Our series of infant parcellation maps are publicly available at https://www.nitrc.org/projects/infantsurfatlas/ .