2. HBCD Imaging Protocol

Hugh Garavan Presenter
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT 
United States
Wednesday, Jun 26: 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM
Room: Grand Ballroom 104-105 
This lecture will describe the HBCD longitudinal imaging protocol and processing. The HBCD Consortium has established a multimodal structural and functional brain imaging protocol which is collected in the first four years of life: 0-1 months of age, 3-9 months, 9-15 months, 15-48 months. Data will subsequently be collected roughly on average every two years. The protocol features structural MRI (T1-weighted and T2-weighted images), diffusion MRI (diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and restricted spectrum imaging (RSI)) and resting-state fMRI. EEG data will also be collected longitudinally.