Welcome to the #NABJ23 Partner Session & Event Submission Portal

Welcome to the #NABJ23 Partner Session & Event Submission Portal. Within this portal, you will be able to submit your session or event details. Please be prepared to add the session or event’s title, description, track, panelists, moderator and requests. NABJ will review your submission details and will send a confirmation by mid-July. We ask that you please do not contact NABJ to inquire about the status.

If you are not ready to finalize this session or event, do not select SUBMIT. Because you have saved your submission throughout the process, you will be able to log back into the system using your partner credentials to edit and submit by the deadline.  Once you SUBMIT, NABJ will not accept any session or event changes. The deadline to submit your session or event details is midnight PT on Monday, May 22, 2023. This date will not be extended.

By entering your session or event details, you acknowledge and accept the following.

  • Your session or event does not guarantee specific attendance at the scheduled session or event.
  • Due to the volume of in-person activity, and multiple moving components, NABJ will not be able to provide partner-supported session and event attendance counts.
  • The use of the Convention logo on any platform or material must be approved by emailing press@nabj.org. Please use #NABJ23 in your promotional material.
  • You agree not to announce your session or event until NABJ sends a confirmation.
  • The moderator must be an NABJ member in good standing.
  • NABJ reserves the right to adjust any session/event including but not limited to copyediting details (i.e. titles, descriptions) and adding or removing speakers or moderators.
  • NABJ retains editorial control over all content and reserves the right to record, photograph or playback any activity held as a component of the convention.
  • If you’d like your convention session, workshop, breakfast, luncheon, reception, screening, or other activity promoted via the convention’s social media, web and email platforms, you must utilize your partner benefits, as outlined in your agreement, to submit promotional content. However, you should also take the responsibility of promoting your session or event on your platforms.
  • If your company logo is submitted by the submission deadline, which will be provided to you in your partnership folder (Asana), NABJ’s A/V vendor will project your logo on a screen before the start of your session/event. You will receive access to your Asana partnership folder by NABJ Partner Relations. 

Contact partners@nabj.org if you have any questions regarding your partnership agreement and programming@nabj.org if you have non-technical questions during this process.

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For technical questions, please contact ai-support@communitybrands.com or call toll free 1-800-521-7621/ International 1-410-480-5224 Monday-Friday (9:00am-5:00pm EST).