Proposal Submission Process/Instructions

 Please visit for a list of various session formats that may be offered at the event (subject to change).

You will see questions pertaining to the session format under the “Additional Information” tab. 

  • To begin, please enter the title of your proposed session.  Please note you can only select one event at a time.
  • Required items are noted in red text and must be completed before submitting your proposal. Items in grey are not required for submission but are encouraged.
  • Please click "Save" before moving on to the next step.
  • You may click on any one of the steps throughout the process once your session title is complete.
  • Once you have saved your information, please click on another step to continue. A green check mark (√) will appear next to the step once completed. You must click on the next step in order to continue.
  • Make sure you finalize the proposal when complete.

When entering content under the Learning Objectives tab, please either number the objectives or use bullet points. Do not put a - at the beginning of each. 

Multiple proposals can be submitted.