Proof Of Performance

SHRM strives to offer a balanced program of educational sessions and qualified speakers at our events. Proof of performance plays a strong role in the selection of proposals and is required to make the proposal complete.

Preferred forms of proof of performance are:

  • Hyperlinked video recordings of the proposed speaker presenting a session to an audience. (Strongly Encouraged and Preferred type)
  • A summary of evaluations from a program the speaker previously presented. Please do not send stacks of individual evaluations completed by the attendees. The selection committee needs to see the overall score of your session (average score from all who rated the speaker, not individual impressions).

DO NOT submit letters of recommendation, phone numbers, marketing brochures, audio recordings, interviews, books or articles. They DO NOT qualify as proof of performance. Because of the large number of proposals we receive and competition for a limited number of speaking slots is fierce, proposals sent without proof of performance are incomplete and will not be considered as part of the selection pool.

Proof of performance files can be uploaded to your proposal under the section called "Supporting Files".